Eye consultation

To bring to your appointment:

  • Medicare card, health fund details (if applicable), DVA/Pension/health care card details (if applicable)
  • Current referral letter
  • Your current glasses
  • Any eye drops you are currently using
  • A list of your medications (you can ask your GP to send this to us directly)
  • You may wish to bring sunglasses to wear afterwards if dilating drops are used

If you like you can complete the Patient Details form [download here] and bring it with you to your first appointment.

What to expect

You will be checked in by our friendly receptionists.

After this an Ophthalmic Assistant will take a history and perform some preliminary tests such as visual acuity. Depending on the condition you have been referred for the Ophthalmic Assistant may do some further testing prior to you seeing the doctor.

They will also administer the dilating drops if required.

Following this, the doctor will conduct their assessment and consultation. If required the doctor will direct the assistant to organise further testing and prepare for any necessary procedures.

Allow three hours for your appointment – as a result of the number of different assessments that need to be undertaken your appointment can take some time. Payment should be provided on the same day as your visit.

If your eyes are dilated with drops this will affect your vision for approximately four hours. Please do not drive during this time. It’s a good idea to arrange for someone to collect you following your appointment, or consider using alternative transportation such as the train or a taxi.

Eye surgery

We will provide you with information specific to your surgery at the time of booking, including detailed instructions for care following surgery.

Patient Portal

To give our patients greater flexibility and control, we provide the option of using Patient Portal to connect online.

Clinic To Cloud’s Patient Portal is 100% secure for you to use – no matter where you are.

Via desktop or mobile, you can access your appointment schedule as well as pathology and imaging results.

You can begin using these tools before your visit: register your own account, manage your own appointments and upload files and contact information without the need for time consuming paperwork once you arrive.

Our friendly receptionist will provide more information when you phone to make your appointment.